Books and CDs

Our Library Books

Adaptogens – Herbs for Strength, Stamina and Stress Relief

Beat Candida through Diet

Beat Fatigue (ME/CFS) with YOGA – Step by step guide – Fiona Agombar

Beating Chronic Fatique (Nimodopine/L-glutamine/EP oil/ginko biloba  – Dr Kristina Downing-Orr

Better Recovery from Viral Illnesses (PVFS/ME/CFS) – Dr Darrel Ho-Yen

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – A natural way to treat M.E. – by Professor B. K. Puri

Coping Successfully with Pain

Digestive Health with Real Food (anti-inflammatory, low iritant, nutrient dense diet) – Aglaee Jacob recommened by Gail Sumner

Energy For Everything

Fighting Fatigue – Sue Pemberton (formerly CFS clinic Leeds now private clinic)

Living with Fybro – Christine Craggs-Hinton

Living with ME – Dr Charles Sheperd

Living Food for Health

Natures’ Cures

Overcoming Chronic Fatigue – self-help using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques

Recovering from ME – Dr William CollingeT

Supplement Your Prescription – Hyla Cass

The Allergy Bible – guide to allergies and intolerances

The Perrin Technique – How to Beat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Raymond Perrin

The Way Back – A-Z of coping with ME, Candida and allergies


DVD of Invest in ME annual conference on International research 2014, 2013

Magazines : Interaction – Action for ME; ME Essential – The ME Association

Info Sheets: Removal of Dental Amalgam – Nutritional support before and after


Lifeline Talks on DVD

Homeopathy – Christine Kirk

Gail Sumner #1 – Nutrition/Digestion

Gail Sumner #2 – Latest research for Perrin Technique and other physiological factors

Gail Sumner #3 – Latest Perrin and Pyroluria

Joan Short – Life Coach/Relaxation

Dr Roberts #1 – Pacing/Nutrition

Dr Roberts #2 – above cont’d and Chemicals

Medical Herbalism – Helen Duxbury

Perrin Technique – Rob Goodman Edwards

Just some of our CDs

Body Scan – BreathWorks  guided relaxation (GR)      1 longer female voice led, 1 shorter male voice led

Complete Relaxation – Glenn Harrold  (GR)

Guided Meditation – Glenn Harrold  (GR)


Music for Healing

Relax and Restore – Kay Baxter (GR)

Stress relief – female voice (GR)

Time for you – guided relaxations

Total Relaxation – guided relaxations

Yoga – 7 different instrumental pieces


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